October 18, 2022

2023 Social Media Trends – Video

Want to improve your social media marketing game in 2023? 

Whether you’re just starting to explore Instagram for business or have been using the app for years, understanding the latest trends is a great way to stay ahead of the game and optimize your brand’s reach on the platform.
In our “2023 Social Media Trends” blog post series, you’ll discover the emerging Instagram trends to include in your marketing strategy throughout the year. 
Let’s kick things off with a trend that isn’t going anywhere: Instagram video marketing.

In 2021, video represented 78% of total mobile data traffic on Instagram – a big part of that traffic? Reels. 

If you haven’t jumped on the IG reels trend yet, it’s not too late! As the feature evolves, it’s becoming easier than ever to produce content that aligns well with your brand and business goals. So, if you’re not looking to dance around on screen, there are tons of other content ideas to pursue when creating reels.


With the latest Instagram updates, users can now examine their analytics for reels on the Insights platform. Reels also have the potential to reach a wider audience because they are uploaded to Instagram’s Explore Page. Since video engagement continues to dominate the algorithm, you’ll want to consider swapping out some static posts for video format instead.


Remember, Reels are meant to be fun, fast, and easily digestible for your audience. It’s an opportunity to create casual content to show off your brand’s authenticity – which is another trend for 2023. 




In October 2021, Instagram combined IGTV and feed videos into a single video format: Instagram Video. 


While we can’t deny the power of short-form content like reels, try out different video lengths to see what performs best for your business. Instagram Video is the app’s answer to long-form content such as vlogs, tutorials, and interviews – all of which can be a great way to tell your brand story. 


The improved video feature is optimized for mobile-friendly viewing. Users can create their own IGTV channel and share videos that are up to 60 minutes long.  


One of the best additions to the new IGTV is its series feature – an opportunity for brands to feature weekly segments to keep your audience tuning in every week. Creating different series is a great way to keep your channel cohesive, share educational content, and let visitors know exactly what to expect from you.   




With all of the new video marketing features on Instagram, you might be asking yourself: are IG Stories still relevant? The short answer: yes! And here’s why you should still be making them. 


With video becoming even more of a focus in 2023, more brands will use stories to promote their products. The app is currently testing 60-second stories – an increase from the 15-second limit. Longer clips allow you to hold your audience’s attention with fewer interruptions, making it a great option for product reviews, how-to’s, or even a quick business talk. Think of Instagram stories as the perfect middle point between short-form video content (reels) and long-form (IGTV).


Additionally, you should share all types of content (static, reels, shoppable posts) onto your stories to keep the algorithm happy and maximize your brand exposure. If you’re looking to push traffic to a certain web page, don’t forget to include link stickers into your Stories too!  


Instagram video marketing is arguably the most important social media trend of the moment. Whether you’re looking to promote your products or services, build brand awareness, or simply grow your account following, you need to be incorporating video content into your marketing strategy. 


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