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We’re your secret weapon in a noisy online world.

Blink and you might just miss the latest social media platform or trend. The good news? You don’t need to pay an intern to scroll through social feeds all day long just to make sure your brand stays relevant.

If you want your brand to spark conversations online, you need a content strategy that seamlessly blends powerful brand storytelling, eye-catching visuals, and data-driven decisions. And that’s our specialty.

Our award-winning social media campaigns help you connect with your target audience where they’re already spending time online, so you can build trust and strengthen your brand’s position as a market leader.

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Spark studio

We create photo, gif & video content that brings your brand's feed to life.

Our in-house studio gives us a serious edge, allowing us to quickly iterate on campaign strategy and take advantage of fast-moving trends.

When we handle your content production, you can trust that your social content will always be custom, fresh, and targeted to connect with your audiences across platforms.

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We help memorable brands make an impact

Above all, we’re social

We’re not a full-service marketing agency, and that’s on purpose. Social media is our specialty, plain and simple. From Instagram to Twitter and all the hottest platforms in-between, we stay at the forefront of content trends and algorithm updates (so you don’t have to).

A truly boutique experience

If your question has ever gotten lost in a long email chain, or you’ve ever felt like your campaign was handed over to an overworked junior employee, then chances are you dislike traditional agency structure as much as we do. As a boutique agency, we deliver a personalized and elevated client experience, every step of the way.

We lead with stories & connection

We help your brand spark connection, conversions & community. How? By designing narratives that resonate with your audience and transform your existing customers into brand ambassadors.

Fully transparent reporting

We want to make you look good when you forward our monthly reports to the rest of your team — and that means going beyond surface-level metrics. We use robust data to show bottom-line results and identify the most strategic next steps, so you always have a pulse on what’s working best for your brand.

Plenty of white space

We pride ourselves on our ability to be agile and responsive. Keeping things small gives us time to hone in on the details, study trends, and perfect our craft. Our in-house studio also gives us a serious edge, allowing us to quickly iterate on campaign strategy and take advantage of fast-moving trends.

What we do

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Our experts leverage all aspects of social media marketing to create and execute intentional, memorable campaigns.
Social Media Management

We don’t just build profiles—we build relationships. With our full-service social management, we’ll help grow your brand engagement and increase inbound leads with a data-driven strategy.

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Content Production

Give your content a facelift. With our help, you'll build an asset bank of highly shareable, social media visual content that shows off your brand’s personality and leaves a lasting impression on your target audience.

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Influencer Campaigns

Place your brand where audiences notice it. Effective influencer marketing will cut through banner ad blindness to help activate audiences with authentic, native content.

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Our TeAM

The key ingredient in our secret sauce? Variety. 

The Spark team is an inspiring group of self-taught, self-motivated multi-passionates — and it’s that exact blend that allows us to create consumable content that prioritizes creativity and results.


Kait Shiels

Founder & managing director


Sarah Brown

Senior Accounts Director


Nathali Perez

Sr. Client Services & Marketing Manager


Mike Vandeputte

Director, Strategy & Operations


Abi Sivanesan

Senior Social Media Account Manager


Sidney Crawford

Senior Social Media Account Manager


Jillian Nixon

Social Media Account Manager


Tian Wood

Junior Social Media Account Manager


Gabby Saluta

Social Media Coordinator


Madeleine Hemsley

Communications & PR Lead


Daiana Cordo

Designer, Illustrator & Animator


Stiliyana Stoycheva

Pinterest Account Manager


Ayin Fontanilla

Social Media Coordinator


Ligia Isabel

Photo & Video Editor


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