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Boutique agency attention.

We help brands across the globe spark connection, conversions, and community.

We’re a small team that delivers big results.

As an award-winning social media agency, we help brands and organizations connect with their community and drive conversions through strategic, creative, data-driven social media campaigns.

We’re passionate about working with brands that are excited about the power of social media and are looking for a creative partner to act as a true extension of their team. Think of us as your partners in fulfilling your organization's potential on social, helping you acquire and delight your target audience, and strengthen your brand’s position as a leader in your market.

Our Studio

We create photo, gif & video content that brings your brand's feed to life.

Our in-house studio gives us a serious edge, allowing us to quickly iterate on campaign strategy and take advantage of fast-moving trends.

When we handle your content production, you can trust that your social content will always be custom, fresh, and targeted to connect with your audiences across platforms.

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Our approach
Step one

Understand & Connect

We work closely with your internal team to understand your audience, organization, brand voice, and marketing efforts. Our goal is to ensure that your owned content feels like it's being created in-house and connects with the right people.

Step two

Create & Execute

We design narratives that resonate with your audience and transform your existing customers into brand ambassadors. We take care of the editorial calendars, copy, custom graphics, and on-brand photography & video so that everything published is seamless and intentional.

Step three

Measure & Iterate

Social media's impact is more than just likes and tags. We use robust data to show bottom-line results, help us identify next steps, and build out models to ensure that we make a qualitative impact for your organization.

What we do

Let's get into how
we can help.

Our experts leverage all aspects of social media marketing to create and execute intentional, memorable campaigns.
Social Media Management

We don’t just build profiles—we build relationships. With our full-service social management, we’ll help grow your brand engagement and increase inbound leads with a data-driven strategy.

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Content Production

Give your content a facelift. With our help, you'll build an asset bank of highly shareable, social media visual content that shows off your brand’s personality and leaves a lasting impression on your target audience.

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Influencer Campaigns

Place your brand where audiences notice it. Effective influencer marketing will cut through banner ad blindness to help activate audiences with authentic, native content.

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Our TeAM
Kait Shiels

Kait Shiels

Founder & managing director

Kait’s launched campaigns for celebrity authors, overhauled strategy for household brands, and traveled to Vegas more times than she can count to spearhead social campaigns for events with 200k+ attendees. After 10 years of harnessing social media to market everything from MRI machines to that little plastic card in your wallet, she’s seen how impactful social media can be on a brand’s bottom line—when it’s done right.

Chloe Ellies

Chloe Ellies

head of social & Accounts

Chloe has developed standout brands for countless small businesses through social media, all while traveling the world. Working with sectors such as apparel, food & beverage, real estate, lifestyle, community services, and more, her diverse portfolio brings a unique perspective to the Spark team.

Sam Szostak

Sam Szostak

Social media account manager

Sam is a multi-talented account manager with a professional background in photography, PR, and social media management. Her favorite part of social is getting to flex her creativity during client concepting as well as staying on top of the ever-changing trends.

Daiana Cordo

Daiana Cordo

Designer & Illustrator

Daiana is our resident graphic designer and our go-to gal for all things branding. She’s designed ad campaigns for world-renowned brands like Johnson & Johnson, Boots, and BDO Global, and has lent her skills to organizations across a variety of sectors, including universities and government institutions.

Contractor Network

Contractor Network

Photo Retouchers, Video editors, copywriters, and content managers

We have a trusted team of talented contractors that we work with on a per-project basis: photo retouchers, video editors, copywriters, and social specialists for events.

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