March 25, 2024

Trendwatch: The Top 2024 Social Trends in Influencer Marketing

From TikTok to Instagram, social media has sprung influencers into essential salespeople, serving as powerful and trustworthy intermediaries between customers and audiences. With social media continuously evolving, influencers have solidified their place in the market. Looking ahead, there are several trends in the influencer market that all social media agencies should know about to best support their clients' visibility and engagement. 

In this article, we’ll discuss 2024 influencer marketing trends and how to leverage them for success. 

5  Influencer Marketing Trends To Watch For In 2024

Support small! 

Move over, macro-influencers! 2024 is the year of the micro and nano-influencers! 

What micro and nano-influencers lack in followers, they make up for in loyalty. Audiences of these influencers typically feel extremely connected to the influencer, allowing brands to achieve greater authenticity and credibility while reaching their target demographics. Leveraging these influencers allows brands to foster deeper connections with their audience and drive meaningful engagement - at a better price, too. 

Power to the Podcast

Some days, it feels like everyone and their grandmother has a podcast. But is it for good reason? Well, yes, we think so!

Audio entertainment is growing daily as a powerful method for influencers to expand and grow their audience, build more loyalty, and share their personality and niches. 

For brands, this expansion to podcasts presents a wealth of advertising opportunities akin to the engagement metrics tallied on social media platforms. With each listen, brands gain access to a captive audience, opening doors to targeted advertising and brand partnerships that can drive meaningful engagement and results.

Personalized Drops or Collaborations 

Building increased excitement, relatability, and authenticity, influencers are taking over the product collaborations scene, releasing everything from capsule collections, to makeup collaborations, and wellness products! Consumers like to see people they feel they know and can trust over celebrities, allowing brands to get creative and tap into a whole new market via the influencer’s audience.

In it for the long run

Goodbye, fleeting influencer partnerships; hello to long-term collaboration! Rather than working with numerous influencers for one-off campaigns, there is a noticeable shift towards long-term relationships with select creators, cultivating a sense of authenticity and continuity for the brand, and the audience. 

Don’t count Snapchat out!

Snapchat is continuing to make a huge comeback in 2024!  Audiences are drawn to the app for its authentic and unfiltered content, as a refreshing behind-the-scenes look at their favorite creators. For brands, collaborating with influencers on Snapchat offers a genuine opportunity to connect with audiences. Authenticity is valued more than ever before, allowing for unfiltered interactions between creators and their followers.

Keep Your Finger On The Pulse  

Staying ahead of trends in the dynamic world of social media influencing is essential for social media agencies to deliver effective and impactful strategies for their clients. Knowing what’s hot and what's coming, social media agencies can navigate these changes, capitalize on emerging opportunities, and deliver exceptional results for their clients.

For more tips on all things social media and content production, be sure to follow us over on Instagram @sparksocialagency

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