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Furbo Dog Camera

Driving Leads and Acquisition for eCommerce Dog Brand
About the project


  • Sales, leads, social audience, and engagement have been decreasing significantly each month since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Stay relevant and offer value after COVID-19 negated the product’s main value proposition
  • Recent influx of competitors offering inferior but less expensive products


  • Inspire community engagement and promotional campaigns across platforms through cause marketing campaign
  • Support internal paid ads team by leveraging top organic content into paid ads
  • Boost brand reputation by drafting responses to complaints

Our Approach

Using a combination of influencer and social campaigns, paid ads, and social media management, we increased engagement and drove traffic to product pages that helped maximize link clicks and revenue during Black Friday. We created, named, and launched a cause marketing campaign to revitalize brand messaging.
Project Engagement
Influencer campaigns
Social media management
Ad management
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Our Partnership


Follower Growth Year Over Year


Increase in Story Replies


in Black Friday Sales

As a best-selling e-commerce dog camera brand, Furbo had built an established social presence and received notable PR coverage. But with more dog owners working from home during the pandemic, the product’s main value proposition was seemingly eliminated, resulting in a major decline in promotional campaigns and engagement.

In one year of working with Furbo, we helped launch a cause marketing campaign for animal welfare to inspire our community to positively contribute to other humans, animals, and our planet. Through the Furbo For Good Charity Fund, we restored the brand’s mission to keep every dog safe, both in and out of the home.

We also leveraged influencers with audience demographics aligned with Furbo’s target market. Paying close attention to metrics and performance, we leveraged top-performing content and influencers by retargeting leads with ads to drive even more growth.

Results worth celebrating:

·         Guided social strategy, influencer partnerships, landing page creation, and brand work for the Furbo For Good Charity fund - resulting in 3,200+ leads, over 3.5 million impressions, and over 15k+ engagements

·         Increased Instagram Stories views by 1,300% (nearly 2 million views) from the previous year

·         Over 45,000 link clicks to shop resulting in over $88.5k in sales during Black Friday

·          Achieved a purchase return on ad spend of 5.76, while the brand’s internal paid team maintained ROAS of 2.79

·         Achieved an influencer campaign conversion rate of 4.75%

Our Campaign

Keeping every dog safe and happy in 2021

We helped launch Furbo For Good – a cause marketing initiative to help vulnerable dogs lead more fulfilling lives. By partnering with public figures doing good for animal fare and setting up a charity fund, our social campaign inspired Furbo’s community to reciprocate the unconditional love our pets have for us.
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"Partnering with Spark Social has been like welcoming a new member to our Furbo family. They've connected us with influencers who truly embody our heartwarming mission, creating campaigns that resonate deeply with pet lovers. Their care and dedication have brought us closer to our community, turning outreach into genuine connections. We're excited for more heartfelt adventures together!"

- Conne Tseng, Digital Marketing Director, Furbo
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