February 26, 2024

Mastering TikTok: 5 Strategies for Social Media Agencies in 2024

Are you looking for ways to master TikTok in the upcoming year? Whether your own business is on TikTok or you manage social media accounts for clients, getting ahead of the competition with a successful strategy is an absolute must. 
Many social media agencies have woken up to the opportunity TikTok provides and are eager to hop on the TikTok train. It may seem overwhelming at first, but with a few strategies in place and some established best practices, you can quickly become an expert at mastering TikTok. Here, we'll explore five strategies that will ensure your agency is successfully leveraging TikTok in 2024! 

The Importance of TikTok for Social Media Agencies in 2024 and Beyond

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again - it’s not too late for brands to join TikTok in 2024. With its massive user base, engaging content format, and viral nature, TikTok continues to offer unparalleled opportunities for brands to connect with their target audience quickly. The potential for brand visibility and reach on TikTok is huge, as content has the potential to go viral and reach millions of users within a short period time.

Moreover, TikTok's demographics have expanded beyond its initial younger audience, making it relevant for brands targeting older age groups. TikTok content has come a long way from dancing and baking trends. Brands can now leverage the platform beyond viral challenges as part of a cohesive social media strategy - one that connects to your audience, drives engagement and achieves your marketing goals. 

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Now let’s move onto the five strategies to kickstart or improve your strategy on TikTok. 

1. Create Memorable Content

The most crucial strategy for mastering TikTok is creating memorable content. TikTok's audience loves entertaining and viral content. The user base demands content that aligns with the platform's culture of creativity, humor, and authenticity. It's important for agencies to immerse themselves in the platform's ecosystem to fully grasp its nuances and create content that resonates with these points.

Avoid overly promotional or staged content. Instead, be genuine, relatable, and show the human side of your own brand or clients. Share real stories, experiences, and emotions that connect with the target audience. TikTok is also known for its humor and entertainment value.So, don’t be afraid to be a little witty and use clever wordplay in your videos. 

2. Leverage Influencer Partnerships

TikTok has emerged as a powerhouse platform for young, dynamic audiences, making it a prime target for social media agencies with their sights set on the future. But with ever-changing algorithms and shifting audience preferences, how can agencies stay on top of the game? The answer lies in developing forward-thinking strategies that capitalize on TikTok's unique strengths. 

Thankfully, the vetting and collaboration process for TikTok partnerships is a close match to that of Instagram. From identifying the right influencers to crafting creative campaigns that break through the noise, social media agencies that invest in the right strategies will be well-positioned to succeed in 2024 and beyond.

3. Use Hashtag Campaigns and Challenges

Hashtags are everything on TikTok. They help categorize content and make it easier for users to find new accounts to follow. Your agency can create hashtag campaigns and challenges to increase engagement and brand awareness for your clients. For example, you can also collaborate with influencers to create a hashtag challenge that promotes your client's product or service. Or, challenge followers to make a video using a specific hashtag that represents the brand.

A great example of this is Gymshark. The fitness apparel brand used TikTok to launch the #gymshark66 challenge, where users were encouraged to post workout videos for 66 days to form a healthy habit. The challenge gained massive traction, leading to millions of user-generated videos, increased brand awareness, and a significant boost in engagement for Gymshark.

4. Post Often

TikTok's algorithm rewards brands that post often. Unlike other social media platforms, TikTok content has a shorter lifespan, which means you’ll need to produce more content to stay relevant. Keep in mind that TikTok videos have a maximum length of 60 seconds, so you can actually churn out quite a few quality videos in as little as an hour a week! 

Your agency should create a content calendar that includes daily or weekly posts that are engaging and fun. To keep your client's followers interested, vary the content formats you put out. For instance, post videos of behind-the-scenes glimpses of your client's business or short how-to tutorials.

5. Use Paid Advertising and TikTok Ads

To get more views on your clients' videos, your agency can use paid advertising options on TikTok. You can create relevant and targeted ads that will bring your clients' content to the right audience. TikTok offers a few ad formats, including in-feed ads, branded lenses, and takeover ads. You can experiment with different ad types depending on your client's goals and target audience. As you develop targeted ads for your clients, it's best to consider their brand tone of voice and whether the content aligns with their messaging.

Remember, TikTok is still a young platform, but with the right content strategy in place, you can help your clients reach a younger, more engaged audience - while putting them ahead of the latest in online marketing. By using hashtag campaigns, posting often, using paid advertising, collaborating with influencers, and creating unforgettable content, your agency can hone your TikTok strategy and get fantastic results! 

Ready to boost your TikTok strategy and take your agency to new heights in 2024? Contact us today to discover how our expert team can help you master TikTok, leverage influencer partnerships, create engaging content, and maximize your brand's visibility.

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