August 12, 2022

Instagram Etiquette

While Instagram comes with its own comprehensive set of community guidelines, its users come with their own unspoken set of rules that define everything from how to repost to how to engage.

And because there's nothing more cringey than getting a DM that says, "Follow for follow?" we're breaking down Instagram etiquette for brands.

Rule #1: DON'T follow and unfollow users

Admittedly, follow/unfollow used to be a legitimate growth tactic, but that ship sailed at the same time bubble necklaces went out of style. Considerable fluctuations in your following won't go undetected by your followers and on the social media faux pas scale, it ranks high up there. 

Rule #2: DON'T DM people to follow you either

Asking for a follow might seem sincere, but IG users have their spam radar on high alert and are more likely to perceive the seemingly innocent request as a desperate attempt to get followers.

Instead, focus on generating quality content, using a targeted hashtag strategy, and genuine engagements to attract your target audience to YOU.

Rule #3: DON'T like multiple photos to get someone's attention

Liking every post is the modern-day equivalent of changing your status from online to offline over and over on MSN to get your crush's attention. Remember what we said about spam radars? Sirens are blaring with this move. To get yourself on someone else's radar (and not their spam radar), engage authentically with their content, write meaningful comments, and interact with their stories consistently over time.

Rule #4: DON'T spam your followers with excessive posts

If your brand can post consistently high-quality content three times a day, then bravo! But if you're posting for the sake of posting, you're probably turning your audience off. When it comes to posting cadence, always post quality over quantity.

Rule #5: DON'T ignore genuine comments

Someone has taken time out of their busy lives to engage with your brand--don't ignore them! Leaving their comments on "read", not answering questions and, worst of all, not addressing concerns, shows everyone else who sees that post that you aren't an active part of the community.

Rule #6: DON'T repost without credit

Reposting another user's photo without their permission constitutes stealing and copyright theft by Instagram's standards. If you want to share their photo, the polite way is to message them for permission and give them full credit with a tag in the caption. Moreover, if you do get permission to repost, don't alter the image in any way. This content has the creator's name attached to it, and any changes you make could reflect poorly on them

The repercussions for breaking Instagram etiquette and the platform's official community guidelines could land your account in algorithm purgatory. Stick to these rules, and your brand should be in the clear!

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